Sunday, February 28, 2010

oscar animated shorts

My favorite of the animated shorts was A Matter of Loaf and Death- but I have previous admiration for the capers of Wallace and Gromit. It also stood out among the rest as it was stop motion claymation- the old fashioned way to animate- while all the other films were digital. It had a fully thought out story and thought it was the most complicated, it had an excellent pace. 
My second favorite was French Roast- incredibly simple, a camera that did not move, the most minimal amount of dialogue, but a very clear, compelling, and artful story. Most of the action was conveyed through intricate facial expression and sighs rather than explicit action or dialog.
While the animation of Logorama was interesting and original- incorporating corporate logos in every space available, it also was a bit heavy handed in its message. Anti-advertisement politics + 2012= Logorama. 
Granny O'Grimm was a scary grandma telling her young grandchild a twisted story of sleeping beauty, using CGI animation of two different styles- realistic and the storyland style. Unfortunately it was rather cliche and did little to scare or charm, and at least for me, dragged on a bit long. 
The Lady and the Reaper was an interesting mix of animation styles- the exaggerated but realistic pixar style in the first scene, followed by more abstract chase scenes and the somewhat realistic hospital scenes. While the story was compelling and well paced, it was on the heavy handed side- obviously pushing an agenda. 

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