Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oscar Nominated Shorts Response

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to go out to the actual theater to view these shorts due to fund shortage and lack of health, but fortunately for this time and age, the internet exists. So I did venture out on the internet to find these shorts and managed to find all of them. Logoroma though was a tough find because the usual places all had it taken down due to copyright issues, but I eventually found it on a foreign website, and boy am I glad I did. Logorama was definitely the coolest and most fun to watch. Watched it a few times actually, and always caught logos I didn't catch before. Also like how it was a big obvious metaphor for the economy. Did anyone think that when the North Face Logo fell apart at the end it was a mere coincidence that the E was left behind along with the lines curving downwards, HMMMMMMM?
The other shorts were fun and entertaining as well though. I liked how the Granny/ Sleeping Beauty one utilized some traditional animation along with the 3d. The jokes in this one were also pretty funny, with some being more mature than others.
I liked how the Reaper one started off serious and somber (which at first I didn't like), but then switched gears into a fun little comedy. Also liked how it was an innocent ride through a heavy topic.
Wallace and Grommet were great as usual, I liked all the cheesy jokes.
All in all, these were very satisfying to watch.

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