Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chapter 3

This chapter focused on the aspect of what we see. Everything within the world is focused on what we believe to be true while we never actually do see what is all there. The chapter goes on to focus on 5 different types of writing comics and how they use the reader to interpret what is going on within the chapter. This is most interesting because it explains the way comics are written as a interactive form of media for the writer to let the reader go on their own way. Theres is a big difference in the way Eastern comics of specifically detailed sequence are written compared to western comics of specifically action sequence. The western comics focus on the detail to get a feel for the environment and are generally much longer while the eastern is summed up action point to point between the margins. The idea of closure is used to explain the interactive form of media that the audience takes away from the comic. The closure that a comic provides is that bit of detail between what is happening by frame to frame into the audience making their own little quick film/movement out of the pictures.

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