Friday, February 5, 2010

Experimental Animation

Do you see elements of Wells definition of experimental animation in some of the everyday examples of animation on TV, the internet, screens in public places, or in gaming or handheld media devices?

I see experimental animation used in computer media players such as I-Tunes and Windows Media Player. The software used are called “Visualizations”, and they show objects and shapes moving around the screen in 3d space, full of colors. These objects move to the beat and rhythm of the music. Viewing these visualizations while listening to music, cause one to feel a certain way creating a relaxed or intense mood. In the pdf article, “Terms and conditions: Experimental Animation”, on page 4, it states, “Experimental animation has a strong relationship to music and, indeed, it may be suggested that if music could be visualized it would look like colours and shapes moving through time with differing rhythms, movements and speeds. Many experimental films seek to create this state,…some film-makers perceive that there is a psychological and emotional relationship with sound and colour which may be expressed through the free form which characterizes animation.”

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