Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Although I was a little taken back by the murderous, gun-smuggling, AK-47 wielding Ronald McDonald, Logorama stood out from the other nominated shorts. It had a very serious agenda and was executed extremely effectively. Absolutely every inch of the digital world was covered in logos that served practical purposes and had double and triple meanings below the surface. It was almost impossible to taken in all the layers of meaning in one viewing. The other shorts ranged from cute and funny to somewhat grim and--well--funny, either way nothing that seemed to affect me in a profound way. Logorama made me slightly uncomfortable from the minute the warning announcing its coming showed on the screen. It was unforgiving in its assault on corporations and consumerism, and none the worse for it. All in all it got across the point very well, and I enjoyed figuring out the meaning behind all the logos and the parts they played in the story.

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