Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ch1. understanding comics: response

In this first chapter of Understanding Comics, author Scott McCloud tries to define and differentiate comics from other art forms. He does so by labeling it sequential art, meaning multiple images juxtaposed together to create a story or running idea. For the most part it seems comics have stayed the same for millions of years. Though they've produced wonderful offspring such as animation. Comics will always be the same (in regards to their composition or look), but they will always have an infused personal meaning, message, or story that reflects the time they were created in. So even though one comic may not seem much different than one from a decade before it, they each embody the period in which they were created, and therefore are like enlightening time capsules into previous decades or even centuries ago; all the nuances and cultural implications will be infused into the pages of that little booklet.

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