Wednesday, February 24, 2010

animated shorts

I watched French Roast, Granny O'Grimms Sleeping Beauty, and the Lady and the Reaper. French Roast was my favorite. I thought the graphics were amazing and reminded me of Pixar studios. I loved the idea of one camera shot through and through, there were no jumps to different angels and the animators found a way to show all the action with that one shot and a simple pan. At first the reflections in the window were hard to distinguish, I thought the waiter was on the other side of the window until he walked in front of the table. It was easy for me to relate to the man being asked for money. Living in Philadelphia people are always asking for money and like the cartoon most of them are not polite and/or grateful.
Granny O'grimms was a different take on bed time stories. The little girl is shaking in her bed as if a child would do if they thought there were monsters under it. We learn that she is afraid of the bedtime story her grandmother is about to tell her. Granny turns sleeping beauty into a nightmareish story that would frighten any young child. Grannys voice is perfect for her character. There is also a photo of Jesus on the wall that contradicts the horror story granny is telling. The picture is a detail in the art design that is not seen in the other animations.
The Lady in the Reaper was a good story of a widow who was ready to pass on and be reunited with her husband. She goes on a journey where her soul leaves her body and she see the reaper and hopes that she will soon be reunited with the love of her life. But the doctors bring her back to life. She gets up and punches the doctor then finds a way to kill herself through electrocution. while the story was probable the strongest the animation quality was not like the others. It was more old school paper drawing animation than digital animation.

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