Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Understanding Animation ch 3

Wells describes metamorphosis as a technique unique to animation where one image can morph through lines and color into a completely different image. This is used in simple light and shadow animation and creates a less real more imaginary sense. A queen can turn into an old witch through the strokes of the animator which is accepted by viewers despite being impossible in reality.

Condensation is the condensing of story elements into a much shorter action that wouldn't be possible in reality. Wells gives the example of the Home on the Rails where much of the story is shown in short sequences happening all at once. Despite what seems a simple narrative the main elements of the story remain solid and imply much more.

Synecdoche is when a part of something is used to represent the whole. The bottom half of something represents the whole, an often much more complext meaning.

Symbolism and Metaphor are a great tool for getting around censorship, where one can use an image of something innocuous to symbolize a whole complex idea that may be controversial or politically unacceptable. No where is this more used than in sexual innuendo and political satire.

My character may employ much symbolism as his life is very simple but is a metaphore for much larger ideas and motivations.

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