Monday, March 15, 2010

Understanding Animation Ch. 3

Wells starts off discussing the use of metamorphosis in animation, explaining that animation can go on to do more than realistic film often can due to a changing effect in a character going through a metamorphosis. This idea is interesting because I had a similar idea with my own project of the character changing throughout his need for a different environment. Next he discusses condensation in animation where animation is able to consolidate movements into fractions of smaller things. Using this for movement of a character in his actions is something I could use in my own piece. Synecdoche uses a form of condensation while actually substituting a an image for a symbol of closer movement. This idea goes on to represent the symbolism that is used. Where an object can represent an entire movement, it then becomes a symbol of that movement. Though this is very interesting idea for animation I do not think the symbolism and condensation with synecdoche would benefit the movement within my own piece.

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